Here are a few gems given to me by a friend who teaches Canadian History….

These are all real answers! 

Name a linguistic family whose people live in longhouses : 13 colonies

Name one privilege of the seigneurs : can sleep with different women from the village

Name one female religious order in New France : they couldn’t have sex before marriage

                                                                                Catholic feminism

                                                                                Laura Secord

                                                                                Having children

                                                                                Women couldn’t be priests

                                                                                Failed abortion would result in death

What is a seigneurie : female member of the nobility who has more privileges than the other women

Upper and Lower Canada were created by what Act : Grand Dérangement

Women sent to New France after 1663 : Femmes Fatales

                                                                  Forgotten Women

                                                                 Filles de Vie

William Lyon Mackenzie was the leader of what party : Rhinoceros Party

                                                                                                Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Name one intendant : Brian Mulroney

The equivalent of the Château Clique  : the Illuminati

                                                                The Mafia

                                                                Lovers of nobility

The way they ransack towns is highly interesting knowing the weapons of mass destructions that exist today on earth were not available then. (Kyte’s article)

This civil, quiet form of warfare, I believe, is something that our generation should pay more attention to. There was no such thing as nuclear bombs that destroyed everything in their path, but rather just simple house burning, and pillaging towns (Kyte’s article)

The night of the long knives – The Night Renée Lévesque Learned He Shouldn’t Leave Sleepovers. They’re fun!

Bleus Nuit

Japanese Canadians were persecuted for being of Chinese descent

Name one economic/social reform by Pearson – Friendship

Head of State : Trudeau, Ontario

These missionaries, who had been part of the originally founding of New France, were banned from recruiting new members to their cause after 1763, and because they took vows of chastity, they would eventually become extinct.

Increasing numbers of women were entering the convent as Nuns or lay persons.

Ataturk – Il promouvoit l’idée du sexe.

Dans la plupart des textes ou des livres d’histoire au Canada, on ne mentionne presque jamais la participation ou même l’existence de l’empire Ottoman.

Who is Louis Hébert – King of France.

Great Peace of Montreal – It was when Montreal was pretty much left on its own. There was no wars to battle and the settlers engaged in daily frolics of boozing and crime.

Who are the Filles du Roi – Women how would come to settled land and have sex with the men to build a population. WOuld also live and create a family there.

–         Women of the King. The title of the women shows somewhat the nature of their use. Usually chosen from high society and brought forth to the King.

What is an engagé – A battle to decide who owns a certain passage that is used for trade.

Differences between a fort and fortress – A fort had four walls while a fortress doesn’t. A fortress has more trees.