From the Mount Royal Cemetery tour again…


In affectionate Remembrance

Honourable James Ferrier

Chancellor of McGill University, Legislative Councillor of the Province of Quebec, Senator of the Dominion of Canada, for many years President of the Bible Society, and Senior Trustee of the St James Street Methodist Church.  He continued throughout his life active in every good work.  Born at Dunshalt, Perthshire, Scotland 22th October 1808, Died at Montreal 30 May 1888

Also of his wife

Mary Tod

Born at Dundee Scotland 31st January 1799, Died at Montreal 24th Sept 1881

And of their youngest son

Rev’d Robert Watson Ferrier

Born at Montreal 26th Sept 1836

Died at Blaircowrie Scotland, 2 May 1870

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

 For a great biography of James Ferrier, see