Montreal Daily Star, 16 April 1898, page 9

Permanent Cure of Cancer

Burdock Blood Bitters cured Mrs. Gilhua, Wife of the Postmaster at Buxton, Ont., 12 years ago, and she has never been troubled since.

Mrs. Elizabeth Gilhula

Some twelve years ago, Mrs. Elizabeth Gilhua, wife of the well-known postmaster of Buxton, Ont., was taken ill with an obscure stomach trouble that baffled for a time the skill of the leading local physicians.  At last, after a careful examination, they pronounced it cancer of the stomach and informed Mrs. Gilhua that in the nature of things her lease of life would be short, as they knew of no remedy that could possibly cure her.

On the advice of friends she commenced taking Burdock Blood Bitters.  The results that followed were little short of the marvelous.  Every day she improved in health, her strength, and vigor returned, and in a short time she was completely cured.  Best of all, though, Mrs. Gilhua is to-day in the full enjoyment of good health, and in all these long years there has not been the slightest return of the trouble, which goes to prove how complete and permanent is the cure BBB always makes.

Here is the letter Mrs. Gilhua wrote at the time of her cure:

“I wish to bear testimony to the good which I have received from the use of Burdock Blood Bitters.

“About four years ago I was taken sick with stomach trouble, and consulted several of the leading physicians here, all of whom pronounced the disease to be cancer of the stomach, of an incurable nature, and told me that it was hardly to be expected that I could live long.  Afterward, the two doctors who were attending me gave me up to die.

“Through reading your advertisement and by the advice of some of my friends who knew of the virtues of Burdock Blood Bitters, I was induced to try it, and I am now happy to say that after using my first bottle I felt so much better I was able to get up out of my bed, which I had not been out of for a long time.  I am thankful to state that I am completely cured of the disease by the use of BBB, although I had baffled the doctors for a long time.  I am firmly convinced that Burdock Blood Bitters saved my life.”

“Yours Truly,

“Elizabeth Gilhula,

“Buxton, Ont.”

Here is the letter received from her a short time ago, dated March 27th, 1898:

“I am still in good health.  I thank Burdock Blood Bitters for saving my life twelve years ago, and highly recommend it to other sufferers from stomach troubles of any kind.

“Yours truly,

“Elizabeth Gilhula.”

Could anything be more conclusive as to the curative powers of BBB!  It means that when BBB cures you, you’re cured to stay cured.

The secret of its wonderful success lies in the fact that it goes to the very source and origin of the disease and clears it out of the system root and branch, so that not a trace remains to again cause trouble.

For all diseases arising from impure blood there is no remedy equal to BBB.  It positively cures Eczema, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Shingles, Boils, Pimples, and all skin eruptions and diseases.

In severe and malignant diseases such as cancers and cancerous growths, tumors, scrofulous sores, large ulcers, even if to the bone, BBB applied externally and taken internally according to directions never fails to effect a cure.

For all the forms of stomach trouble, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, Constipation, Kidney Disease, Rheumatism, there is nothing works so well as BBB.

In short BBB makes the blood pure, rich, and red, the skin clear, and smooth, improves the appetite, cleanses, invigorates, and vitalizes the entire system, and infuses new life, strength and energy in to weak, worn, run-down, shattered constitutions.