Montreal Gazette, 25 June 1867, page 2

The National Societies and the GTR

                                                                                    Montreal, June 22nd, 1867

The President of the St George’s Society laid before the Board of Directors several written communications from Mr Buchner, Secretary of the German Society, with a copy of the Witness newspaper containing a letter from the German Society to CJ Brydges, Esq., also, a letter published in the city newspapers from AC Buchanon, Esq., Chief Emigration Agent at Quebec, and further, a letter published in the Gazette of the 22nd June, from CJ Brydges, Esq., all of which letters and documents had references to alleged inhuman treatment of German and other emigrants travelling over the Grand Trunk Railroad of Canada.

After reading the whole of the above communicated, it was resolved:

1st.  That this Society has not been officially represented at any meeting of the German Society, in reference to the forwarding of emigrants in the spring of 1867.

2nd. That the St George’s Society declines to take part with the German Society in its threats against or its demands upon the Grand Trunk Company, or to endorse its statements, suggestions, reflections or inferences, contained in the report which it has sent or in the letter sent to Mr Brydges, published in the Witness.

3rd. That it entirely disapproves of a considerable portion of the statements which have appeared over the signature of its Secretary, both published in the papers, and forwarded in writing to the President of the St George’s Society in the form of a report.

4th.  That the St George’s Society expresses its regret that the German Society should have seen fit to place itself in the position it has done in this matter, for the St George’s Society is desirous of acting in concert with it and other national societies to accomplish the purpose of their several organisations and is ready to join in a better way than the German Society has seen fit to take on this occasion—and will do its full share in remedying abuses to which emigrants may be subject, founded on sufficient evidence and authority.

5th.  That a copy of these resolutions be immediately forwarded to the German Society, signed by the President and Secretary; to CJ Brydges, Esq., Managing director of the Grand Trunk Railway Company; and that they be published in the Montreal Herald, Gazette and Daily News.

                                                                        John Leeming,


                                                                        Edmund Oxley,


The office bearers of the St Andrew’s Society met yesterday to consider a communication from the German Society, on that important subject, the protection comfort and safety of the emigrant who may seek a home in this land of our adoption, and after mature consideration, came to the following resolutions:

1st.  Having the important object of their organization as well as the duty involved in their continued existence as a national society, the office bearers of the St Andrew’s Society feel called upon to do all in their power to see to the safety, comfort and protection of all those who may seek a home in this land.

2nd.  They consider that paper just read from the German Society as affording no evidence, whatever, of a want of regard either to the safety, comfort or protection of the emigrant by the Grand Trunk Railway.  On the contrary, the paper actually stated that in answer to the enquiries of a Committee of their own, which is the only legitimate way of fulfilling our mission, the emigrants actually declare that they are well satisfied with their treatment.

3rd.  The office bearers of the St Andrew’s Society cannot participate at this time without entereing their dissent from the way in which the German Society, or parties in their name, have ~~~~with the ~~~ objects we have in ~~~~ as a National Society.  We feel fully satisfied that ll ~~~ can be obtained by agencies already in operation