Montreal Daily Star, 7 September 1896, page 8


Labor Day Procession

Not so large as in former years

The unions represented in the parade

The turn-out a creditable one—thousands lined the streets to see the sight.

This was Labor Day and at an early hour mechanics and their families in holiday attire were seen wending their way to the Champ de Mars, which had been selected as the rallying point for the parade.  By nine o’clock several thousand people had congregated there.  They came from all parts of the city, and the music of the bands and the display of flags made the scene a picturesque one.  The gathering was certainly a creditable one, which did not honor to the city and the working classes.  For various reasons, however, the parade itself was not so large as it has been in the past, several societies whose name appeared in the order of the parade not turning out.  This did not seem, however, to be cause of lack of sympathy with the day and what it represents, since the crowd of spectators along the streets was as large, if not larger: than in past years.  It seemed as if a large number had taken to looking on rather than walking in the ranks.  The day was an ideal September one cool without dust and with enough sunshine to make it pleasant.  It was after half past nine o’clock when the parade formed on the Champ de Mars and proceeded on its way, headed by a detachment of police.

The English carters and freight handlers, K of L, headed by an Irish jaunting car, opened the line of societies.  The Faufare Nationale marched before the Heavy Carters’ Union some 60 strong, and St Peter’s Temperace Band led the International Plasterers’ Union no 144.  The Police Band, the Harmony band, the Victoria Rifles Band all supplied splendid music, and the pipers and fife and drum bands made matters lively with a choice programme.  The Jacques Cartier Typographical Union 145, with their splendid banner, and the Montreal Typographical Union put in a good appearance.  The strong~~~ muster was that of the Cigarmak~~~~ which ran up to nearly 300.  ~~~~~national Platerer’s Union 144 ~~~~ Painters and decorators Union had pretty full ranks.  The Journeymen Horseshoers International Union of America, Local Union no 71, were led by an allegorical car containing a smithy in full operation.  The Journeymen Barbers were represented.