Montreal Daily Star, 22 May 1867, page 20

The secret

Of a good complexion

Lies in the use of

Dr. Campbell’s safe arsenic

Complexion wafers


Fould’s medicated arsenic

Complexion soap

The only real beautifiers of the complexion, skin an form.

Those wafers and soap are simply wonderful for removing Freckles, Moths, Blackheads, Pimples, Vulgar Redness, Rough, Yellow or Muddy skins and all other disfigurements, whether on that FACE, NECK, ARMS or BODY.

If you desire a transparent, clear, fresh complexion, free from blotch, blemish, roughness  or coarseness, try these wonderful, magical and marvelous DR CAMPBELL’S SAFE ARSENIC WAFERS and FOULD’S ARSENIC COMPLEXION SOAP. 

The wafers and soap are for men as well as women.

Wafers by mail, 50c and $1 per box; 6 large boxes $5.  Soap by mail 50c.

Address all mail orders to Lyman, Sons & Co., Distributing Agents; 354 St Paul street, Montreal, Canada.

LETTERS OF ENQUIRY must be addressed to RB Fould, sole proprietor, 214 Sixth Avenue, New York.

Sold by all druggists in Canada.

Yes nothing like arsenic to fix bad skin and kill you at the same time!!!!!!