Montreal Daily Star, 1 March 1897, page 7

St Patrick’s Day

Jubilee Celebration at the Church

The various Irish societies of the city will meet this evening in the Parish Hall of St Patrick’s Church for the purpose of completing arrangements for the approaching St Patrick’s Day celebration.  This year the fiftieth anniversary of the formation of St Patrick’s Parish also falls on St Patrick’s day, and no steps are being spared to make both events of unusual interest and splendor.  It is certain that a large number of priests and several bishops will be present, but as yet the celebrant of the mass and the preacher have not been chosen.

The authorities of St Patrick’s Church are trying very hard to secure the services of a bishop for the former office, and it is quite possible that a well know Irish prelate from the United States may officiate.  With regard to the preacher, Father Quinlivan stated this morning that his name would not be made public for some time, “because we wish to give our parishioners a pleasant surprise.”

So far as is known at present, the celebration will consist of a solemn pontifical mass at ten o’clock on the morning of St Patrick’s Day, and a dinner to the visiting clergy in the afternoon.  A procession will be held, as in years past, but the route has not yet been definitely fixed.

To-day workmen are busily engage in placing and repairing hundreds of incandescent lights around the several altars and the vault of the sanctuary.  The Church, it is safe to say, will present a very attractive appearance at the Pontifical mass.  The music of the mass will be sung by a largely augmented choir under the direction of Prof. Fowler, the organist of the Church, who has composed a mass for the occasion.