Montreal Daily Star, 7 August 1897, page 6

The summer people and the noise nuisance

The autumn would appear to be a capital time to start an anti-noise campaign.  People then are returning from the quiet country where even the somnolent noises sooth the nerves; and they feel with painful acuteness the sharp blows that fall upon their ears from the thousand hammers of the clattering city.  It is the passage from quiet to noise which is the most unpleasant feature of the summer holiday makers’ return home.  The big cool house with the wide beds is as grateful to him after the narrow accommodations of the summer hotel as is a plunge into the lake on a hot day: the return to the home cuisine is a delicious treat; but the increasing assault upon him long for the silences of the hills and quieting plash of water.  He can no longer sit out in the evening and bathe his nerves in stillness.  The night serves all screech and clang: and at no other time during the year does he notice how full of noise the city is.

Then, if ever, should be the opportunity of the anti-noise campaign to enlist the sympathy and support of this distressed citizen.  Presently he will get a little used to it and imagine that all the world is as noisy as his street.  But the day after his return from the country he knows better; and then it is that a cry for quiet will appeal to his inmost being.