Montreal Daily Star, 21 June 1897

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Here’s to our Sovereign Lady

The following Jubilee poem has been written by Mr Arthur Weir for the Montreal Star, and set to music by Mrs Baynes.  It will be sung at the Jubilee Banquet to-night.  It is expected Mr Rudyard Kipling will reply to it.

Here’s to our sovereign Lady,

Here’s to our noble Queen,

For whom our grandsires tossed their caps

When she was but eighteen.

We’ve cause her many a worry,

We Britons, the wide world o’er,

Yet for sixty years was never a man

But would give her “One cheer more.”

Here’s to our sovereign Lady,

Who knows our hearts so well

That, in despite of race and creed,

She holds us all in spell.

She has planted peace and plenty

Where Chaos ruled of yore,

And from ever widening boundaries

Goes up our “One Cheer More.”

Here’s to our sovereign Lady

Who bade her lads good-bye

When to Crimean trenches

They went to win or die;

Whose heart turned sick with horror

At tidings of Cawnpore,

And for love of whom Lucknow’s walls

Rose still the “One Cheer More.”

Here’s to our Sovereign Lady,

Who never can forget

That, wheresoever a Briton be,

She’s his defender yet.

Let but a Briton suffer

Wrongly in limb or store

And British blades will flash in air

With a ringing “One Cheer More.”

Here’s to our Sovereign Lady,

Who drinks this toast to-day?

Is there any spot it is not drunk

Where human foot can stray?

Here, in this northern empire,

Yonder, on Alfric’s shore,

And in Australian mining camps,

Goes up our “One Cheer More.”

Here’s to our sovereign Lady,

In silence drink the toast,

Here’s to the white-haired monarch

And those she has loved and lost.

Friends, warriors, statesmen, poets,

Have passed to the further shore.

Hush! Hush! While that unseen chorus

Sends up its “One Cheer More.”