Montreal Gazette, 29 June 1867, page 2

Celebration of Dominion Day

A final meeting of citizens interested in the celebration of the 1st of July was held in the Mechanics’ Hall yesterday afternoon.  His Worship the Mayor again presided, and Mr. HJ Clarke acted as Secretary.  Among the other gentlemen present were Mr William Workman, Mr Walter Macfarlane, Mr Thomas Workman, Alderman Rodden, Alderman Gorrie, etc., etc.

A brief conversation took place, and Mr Clarke was eventually authorized to engage all the bands he could obtain and make several other general arrangements.  At the suggestion of the Mayor, it was agreed to divide the display of fireworks for the convenience of persons residing in the East end of the city, and a portion will consequently be set off in Viger Gardens, where a small band will also be stationed.  The principal display will, however, take place at the Reservoir on the mountain side, whose dark back ground is eminently calculated to set off the brilliant corrusations which Mr Jones Lyman has undertaken to dim the splendour of the stars with.  He returned from Boston yesterday, with one of the finest sets of “pieces” ever fired in Canada, some of which are even new in the firework living land of the Fourth of July.  They will be erected along a surface of about 300 feet and among them will be the following devices and mottoes:–

1st July 1867                                                                                        1st July 1867

The Nation’s Birthday

Mechanics’ Arms


“Union and Commerce”

“God bless the new Dominion”

Civic Arms

The Ocean Ferry

A steamship in Motion



A Crown

Arms of Nova Scotia, Canada, New Brunswick

“United We Stand”

Vive La Confederation

Joined hands




“God Save the Queen”

The programme will be interspersed with shells and rockets and open at 9 o’clock precisely, when a salute of “24” ~~~ shells will be fired, 8 for each Province in the Confederation.  The display can be seen to perfection from Sherbrooke Street,  McGill College Avenue, and the vacant grounds between Pee and the Avenue.

After Mr Lyman had been empowered to carry out this programme a conversation ensued respecting illuminations.  The Mayor stated that however desirable, the insurance agents and banks were opposed to it, and moreover, owing to the change going on in the works, gas could not be obtained in sufficient quantity.  The meeting then broke up.

Many persons are making preparations, nevertheless, ~~~ illuminate their private dwellings and although the illumination will not be universal, still there will be enough to make a walk through the streets on Monday evening more than usually interesting.  The Court House will participate in the general rejoicings and if rumour speaks truly, the Sheriff has received orders to make it look more than usually gay and festive.