Montreal Daily Star, 20 January 1897, page 5

St George’s Society

The annual meeting held last evening- the annual report and new directors

The members of the St George’s Society held their annual meeting at the St George’s Home last evening.  The annual report which was presented and adopted, contained the following:

“During the year Mr. Wm Masterman, executor of the estate of the late James Tuckwell, gave an account of his stewardship and handed the president a cheque for $6,274.76, which enabled us to pay off our mortgage and floating debt, so that to-day this home and its contents stand free of all incumbrance, besides returning a nice amount of revenue.  This desirable state of affairs will enable your charitable committee to be more liberal in its work of helping and relieving the deserving English poor.”

“During the year there were received into the Home 1296 persons, against 769 for 1895, showing an increase of 536; outdoor relief, 182, against 974 in 1895, being a decrease of 92; buried at expense of Society, 8 persons, against 5 for 1895, showing an increase of 5.  This has all been accomplished by a total outlay of $1369.70, of which $1103.29 were Charitable Committee drafts, and $206.04 extra outlay and distributions for Christmas dinners.  Nearly 400 families, representing over 2000 individuals, were liberally supplied at our annual Christmas dinner.”

The receipts for the year were $8442.49, and the expenditure $8950.71.

A communication was received from Mr. Percy J Evans, who for many years has been a director, resigning from the Board.  A vote of thanks for his services to the Society was tendered to Mr. Evans, and an oil painting of that gentleman will be hung in the Board room.

The secretary’s report showed the membership to be 299 ordinary members; during the year 23 were added, 3 of whom were ladies.  The Society lost 4 members by death and 8 resigned, thus showing an ordinary membership of 311.  There are 45 life members, making a total membership of 356, or a gain of 11.  The members who died were John Kerry, Sir Joseph Hickson, John Atkin and Henry Sanders.

The following gentlemen were admitted to membership last evening: Messrs WH Huntley, B Mallabar and RJ Kendall, and the Rev F Graham, rector of Trinity Church.

The following were elected officers for the year:

President, Mr. Joseph Richards.

Vice presidents, Mr. Wm Nivin and Ald E Goff Penny, MP.

Treasurer, Capt RS Clift

Hon Secretary Mr. James Mitchell

Board of Management, Messrs B Reed, Hon JK Ward, H Wallace Stroud, GH Wray, WE Smith, WG Nivin, James Harrison and FW Richards.

One hundred dollars was voted to the Out-door Board of relief, and $25 to the House of Refuge.