Montreal Daily Star, 13 July 1906, page 3

Sewage Pipe Formally Laid

It will convey flow from City sewage farm into the river

Work will cost $65 000

Pipe was substituted for open ditch on complaint of Provincial Board of Health

Mayor Eckers and a party of Aldermen assisted yesterday at the laying of a sewage pipe in the Riviere des Prairies for the conveyance of the flow from the sewage farm.  This pipe, which is connected with a brick sewer a mile and a half long extending from the sewage farm to the river shore, is of wrought iron and is four feet in diameter.  The cost to the city of the whole drain, including the pipe, will be about $65 000.  The work was begun two years ago on complaint of the Provincial Board of Health that the open ditch from the farm was a menace to health,  but was delayed by frosts.  The construction of the pipe, which is the same size as the sewer, was begun in April last. 

On account of the weight of the pipe, which is twenty-seven tons, the work of the laying was proceeded with very slowly.  The mass of metal was suspended from the pontoon bridge by means of girders and half a dozen cables were stretched to the shore to keep the whole in position in the swift current.  Gradually the pipe was lowered, the greatest possible care being exercised, and finally the huge mass found its place on the river bed.  A quantity of stones will be dumped into the river about the pipe to form a kind of bed and offset the lateral pressure of the current, which is very strong.

The civic officials present expressed their satisfaction at the manner in which the work had been carried out, and the successful way in which the connections had been made.

Besides Mayor Ekers, and Ald Lariviere, chairman of the Roads Committee, there were present Ald White, Ald JBA Martin, Ald N Lapointe, Ald Leclaire, Ald M Martin, Ald Clearihue, Ald Seguin, Ald Giroux, Ald Duquette, Messrs Howard Leprohon and Lesage, city engineers, with Mr. R Bolte. The party visited the place in a special car in charge of Assistant Superintendent Gaboury of the Montreal Street Railway.