Montreal Gazette, 25 July 1866, page 3

Triumphal Return


SB Howe’s

European Circus


Astley’s and Alhambra Palace, London,


La Cirque Imperiale, Paris


The British Provinces

And now on its

Grand Tour through Canada E & W

Patronized by

Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen,

HRH the Late lamented Prince Albert, HRH The Prince of Wales, the Royal Family and Household, and all the principal Royal Personages of Continental Europe

Look for it!

Wait for it!

See it!

SB Howe’s Great European Circus

The model Entertainment of the day.  Pronounced by the press and the public.

The best equestrian performance

And the best animal exhibition on the continent

And eclipsing all the world,

In the dazzling splendor, gorgeous brilliancy, and unapproachable magnificence in its

Outdoor display

Where “Pomp of Pageantry” exceeds the glories of the days of chivalry or the splendors of the field of the cloth of gold!

Is coming!  Is coming!  Is coming!

Will open at

Guilbaut’s Garden,


For five days only,


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

July 30 & 31, Aug. 1, 2 & 3.

Two performances daily

This short ~~~~ will be inaugurated by A GRAND STREET PAGEANT, strolling the prominent features of which are A CAVALCADE OF KNIGHTS in burnished steel armor, accompanied by LADIES, magnificently attired in the costumes of the days of the Crusades.

THE BEAUTIFUL TABLEAU CARS, one of which will carry a

Living lion in the streets,

And contain an ALLEGORICAL TABLEAU OF PEACE, represented by a group of beautiful females, classically draped.  At the feet of Britannia crouches A LARGE LIVING LION, trained by Mr. Crockett, around are grouped BEAUTIFUL GIRLS representing Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.

NEPTUNE’S SEA CHARIOT, CHINESE CHARIOT OF CONFUCIUS.  MASSIVE CAGE OF LIONS and other CHARIOTS; CARS AND BERLINS of exquisite workmanship, drawn by magnificent stud of foreign horses and succeeded by the whole troupe of artists, including THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LADY RIDERS IN THE WORLD. 

FOURTEEN SHETLAND PONIES, drawing the FAIRY CHARIOT OF TITANIA, the whole forming the most attractive out door display ever witnessed on this continent.

CROCKETT’S DEN OF WILD AND FEROCIOUS LIONS will be exhibited at each performance by Mr. Pierce, who will ENTER THE DEN OF LIONS, and exhibiting his astonishing magnetic power over the monsters of the desert and the jungle.  FEED THEM WITH RAW MEAT FROM HIS NAKED HAND, and demonstrate his complete control over them.

The company numbers OVER 100 MALE AND FEMALE ARTISTS.


Admission 50 cents.  Children under 10 years 25 cents.  PERFROMANCE AT TWO and HALF PAST SEVEN PM.

For full particulars, see large posters and circulars.

Remember HOWE’S CIRCUS will be at Montreal on the above dates, and St John on Saturday, July 28th.