Montreal Daily Star, 17 March 1906, page 3

Welsh colony in Montreal

Purpose and progress of the St David’s Welsh Society—Officers in charge

At the third annual meeting of the St David’s Welsh Society this week, there was a large number of members present, and considerable enthusiasm was displayed during the election of officers for the ensuing year.

There was great unanimity shown in the selection of the chief officers, the following being elected by acclamation; Mr. Llewelyn Lansing Lewis, honorary president; Mr. Ewan Jones, President; Mr. M Edward Pritchard, vice president; Mr. Joseph Jenkins, BA, corresponding secretary; Mr. TJ Sinfield, financial secretary; Mr. David Thomas, treasurer.

A ballot being taken for the choice of committee, resulted in the following being elected: Mr. David Davies, Mr. Moses Roberts, Mr. Lloyd Roberts, Mr. GW Bithell; Mr. HG Waring, auditor.

The secretary and treasurer’s annual reports were read, showing a very successful year, and a substantial increase in membership.

The St David’s Welsh Society is concerted in effort along lines of good fellowship, bringing members of the same nationality together, thus assisting in the creating ties of friendship, that would otherwise take years to accomplish.  A specialty is made of impressing their country with the desirability of becoming good Canadian citizens. And of influencing, as many as possible to make Canada their permanent home.

Leading Officers

The honorary president, Mr. Llewelyn Lansing Lewis is well known in the city, and he is exceedingly popular among the Welsh colony.  He is invariably chosen to preside at the most important gatherings, and annual concerts.  It was likewise with his father, the late Mr. John Lewis.

The president, Mr. Evan Jones, is still comparatively a young man, and also popular with his countrymen, a native of Cardiganshire, South Wales, a fluent Welsh speaker, and has been in Canada for nearly twenty years.  He has taken a personal interest in every Welsh cause during that time, and is thoroughly Canadian, in fact his zeal for the well being of this adopted land is infectious and as he knows the future of this country is very promising, he is anxious that as many as possible of his country people will make Canada their homes, feeling that there are no better colonists within the Empire. 

The Society has, mainly through the energetic work of the retiring president, Mr. Richard Roberts, gone through the pioneer state very successfully, and is now on a firm footing, and recognized as one of the established institutions of this city.