Montreal Daily Star, 4 July 1906, page 4

Sons of Scotland Games

Results of the Games at Electric Park on Dominion Day

At the Sons of Scotland picnic and games at Electric Park, Ahuntsic, on Dominion Day, the following were the successful competitors.

Bag pipe competition-  March, first Pipe Major D Manson; second- Angus Fraser, Ottawa; third J Macdonald. 

Strathspey and Reel- First D Manson; second Angus Fraser; third J Hutton.

Highland Fling, over 18 years- First A Fraser; second A Robbie.

Under 18 years- First Miss Eva Bell; second Miss Ethel Whytock.

Ghillie Callum over 18- first A Fraser; second A Robbie.

Under 18- first Miss Eva Bell; second Miss Whytock, third Ethel Bell.

Best dressed boy or girl, under 12 years, in Highland costume—first gold medal, Miss Eva Bell; second with a special prize, Master Russell Burnett.

Throwing 56 lbs—First Z Desmarteau, 28 feet 6 inches; second T McBride 27 feet 3 inches; third TB Belanger 24 feet 10 inches.

Putting 16 lb shot—First A Smith, 39 feet; second Z Desmarteau, 37 feet 2 inches; third T MacBride

Long jump—1st W McQueston, 18 ft 1 in; second Harry Niven, 16 ft 9 in.

120 yards run (final)-  first J Strike; second B Harris

Race confined to members—first Henry Starke

Race confined to members of Association football clubs—first J Speak, second Wm McQueston.

50 yards, married ladies—first, Mrs. Anderson, second- Mrs. Leper

Single ladies—first Miss Ryan, second Miss Kyle

Members’ wives—first, Mrs. Gordon; second Mrs. Reid.

Sack race, first—J Speak; second T Myles.

Boys race—first WS Dickson; second Russell Robertson.

Small girls—first Alice Bell; second Mina Davidson

Larger girls—first Mina Clark; second Bella Love

Judges for piping and dancing were Fred Riddell, Wm Grieg, Robt Crosby, J Macdonald and Capt Clark.