Montreal Gazette, 21 July 1817, page 3

We have in this day’s number given some account of the monument erecting to the memory of the poet Robert Burns, in the church-yard of St Michael, at Dumfries.  The Scots with some others, by the honors they have conferred upon him since his death, seem as it were resolved to make amends for their neglect of him when living.  But were it not a testimony of gratitude and admiration what need is there of erecting a monument to the memory of Burns?  He hath for himself, to his own works, erected a monument which shall long outlive any thing that can be raised by the hand of art; and what Horace says of himself may be justly applied to the bard of Ayrshire:

Exegit monumentum aere perennius,

Reganque situ pyramydurn altius;

Quod non umber edax, non aquilo impotens

Possit dirnere, aut innumerabilis

Annorum series, et fuga temporum.