Montreal Daily Star, 22 April 1895, page 8

A Beer Swindle

Three arrests made on suspicion of being concerned

A swindle intended to deceive an unsuspecting public and at the same time defraud a large brewery concern was unearthed this morning by the Canadian Secret Service after having been in successful operation for some months, and resulting in the arrest of three men on suspicion.

About six months ago the members of the Dow’s Brewery firm commenced to notice a falling off in their orders, more especially in the suburbs.  A little later on, complaints were made that the quality of the beer was far below the standard.  These facts becoming known to the firm it aroused their suspicions that something crooked was going on at their expense.  They at once set to work out the swindle which they knew was on foot.  Eventually the matter was placed in the detectives’ hands with the result that Ludger Cecire, Damasse Benoit and Stanislas Denis were arrested on a charge of being implicated in the fraud.  When taken before the Police Magistrate to-day the men pleased not guilty and were remanded until Friday for trial.

So far it has been learned that thousands of Dow’s bottles were purchased at rag stores and filled with an inferior article which the swindlers sold at a low rate, and at considerably less than the manufacturers of the original could even make it.  To meet the increased demand, it is said, that the promoters of the scheme finally resorted to counterfeit labels.  The detectives are now working on the case.