Montreal Daily Star, 15 March 1895, page 5

Caledonian Society

The report of work done during the past year.

The Caledonian Society will hold its thirty ninth annual meeting on Tuesday evening next, in St Andrew’s Home.  In anticipation of this, the annual report has been issued.  “The success in every department of the work,” it says, “has been gratifying, an dif the receipts from the many entertainments of the year have not been up to the usual standard, still, when the prevailing depression is taken into consideration, there has been a great measure of success achieved.”

The treasurer’s report shows that the receipts have amounted to $1584 and the expenditure to $1509.  The life membership account now totals the sum of $2200, of which $2000 has been invested in mortgages, and $220 is on deposit in the City and District Savings Bank.

The report concludes as follows:

Members in good standing last year, ordinary and life, 609; joined during 1894-95, ordinary and life, 189; total 798.  Cash handed to treasury for ordinary and life members $492.

At the outset of their work, your committee, in accordance with the wishes of the Society, performed the very pleasant duty of presenting His Excellency Lord Aberdeen, patron, and Sir Donald A Smith, hon. President, with their respective badges of office.

Thanks to the courtesy of Sir Donald A Smith, the members of your committee were invited to his residence to meet His Excellency, where the president, on behalf of the society, made the presentations.  His Excellency and Sir Donald made appropriate acknowledgement and expressed their gratification and appreciation of the honor conferred upon them.

“The annual games were held on the Exhibition Grounds on August 18.  There was a deficit of $28; but this was offset by a surplus of $271.52 at the Hallowe’en concert, which caused the Windsor Hall to be filled.  Burns’ anniversary was celebrated with a conversazione and dance, and met with much favor in this instance; there was a suplus of $23. 15, a very unusual affair.  Their Excellencies the Governor-General and Lady Aberdeen were present, and Rev. Dr Campbell delivered the address.  Reference is also made to the choir’s doings, the monthly socials, the work of the literary committee, the checker tournament, and the Society’s donation of $200 to the charitable funds of St Andrew’s Society.”