St Andrew’s Society

Pub Night Quiz


  1. What year was Robert Burns born?  1759
  2. Name the Scottish-American actor who plays Capt Jack in Torchwood?  John Barrowman
  3. What did the Romans call Scotland? Caledonia
  4. When did the Toronto Maple Leafs last win the Stanley Cup?  1967
  5. When was the Societe St Jean Baptiste Founded? 1834
  6. In which castle was Princess Margaret Born? Glamis
  7. What was the title of the Eurythmics first top ten single? Sweet Dreams
  8. Where in Scotland is the Museum of Childhood?  Edinburgh
  9. What year did Vancouver hold the world’s fair?   1986
  10. What kind of dog was Greyfriars Bobby?  Skye Terrier
  11. What did the Romans call Ireland?  Hibernia
  12. What accounts for 75-80% of the price of a bottle of Scotch? Tax
  13. Which famous Scotsman had a road building material named after him?  John Loudon McAdam
  14. What is a Philibeg? Kilt
  15. Which Scottish league football club are nicknamed the “Doonhammers”? Queen of the South
  16. Which famous 007 was born in Edinburgh in 1930? Sean Connery
  17. Which American industrial millionaire was born in Dumferline?  Andrew Carnegie
  18. What year was the Commonwealth Games held in Edinburgh? 1970
  19. What is the nickname of the Scottish football club Alloa?  The wasps
  20. For whom is the race track named on St. Helen’s Island?  Gilles Villeneuve
  21. Which Scottish football club play their home matches at Palmerston Park? Queen of the South
  22. For which Bond film did Lulu sing the theme song?  The man with the golden gun
  23. What city won “Scotland in Bloom” a record 39 times in a row?  Aberdeen
  24. What city calls itself the birthplace of confederation?  Charlottetown
  25. How old was Mary Queen of Scots when she became Queen of Scotland?  6 days
  26. Who was the first mayor of Montreal?  Jacques Viger
  27. Which country is the leading importer of Scotch Whisky?  USA
  28. When did the Montreal Canadiens last win the Stanley Cup?  1993
  29. Who won the FA Cup in 2008?  Portsmouth
  30. Who is the president of the St. Andrew’s Society?  Peter McAuslan
  31. What city is Aston Villa based in?  Birmingham
  32. Name the members of Monty Python’s flying circus?  John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin.
  33. Which football club has won the most FA Cup finals?  Manchester United
  34. Who was the last Anglophone mayor of Montreal? 1910 John Edmund Guerin (Irish)
  35. Who is the patron saint of Scotland?  Andrew