Montreal Gazette, 23 April 1864, page 2

St George’s Day

To the editor of the Montreal Gazette

 Sir,– Today being jointly the Anniversary of England’s Patron Saint and the tercentenary celebration of the greatest of England’s great men, we trust that not only all the natives of that “precious stone set in the silver sea,” with their children and children’s children, but every admirer of genius coupled with intellectual greatness will assemble at the appointed hour, and shew that “the progressive material prosperity of their adopted country, for which we are indebted to the Almighty Disposer of events, has not obliterated the dear and delightful memories of our time-honored and ever to be revered fatherland.

Let every one consider that the success of the display depends upon his individual conduct upon that occasion.  Let there be no snobbery—no spirit of caste—no narrow, contracted exclusiveness.  Let us consider that we, our fathers, and grandfathers repaired here to push our and their fortunes; and if some have been more fortunate than others, that we of Anglo-Saxon race are children of one family, and sons of the same glorious soil, and that, however at home we may have found fault with minor defects in the working of the great social and political machine, a few years’ absence from “our home o’er the sea,” with approximate observation of other systems, make us all patriots.  Let, then, every admirer of England, “Merrie England,” combine to make Saturday, the twenty-third day of April—our own Shakespeare’s natal day, and the Anniversary of St George—a great and unmistakable cosmopolitan gathering, not from constraint, but fraternity of feeling.

Truly yours,