Montreal Gazette, 25 February 1864, page 2

Mr. Emerson’s Lecture-  The lecture last evening by Ralph Waldo Emerson, was attended by a respectable and moderately full audience.  His remarks contained many fine thoughts.  His analysis of character was good, and his description of the characteristics of “classes of men” was in several instances brilliant.  He has brilliant descriptive powers, and when he really attempts to set forth a fact of oratory, or a characteristic of a man, or of a people he does so very effectively.  People will listen to him with interest and go away to remember for a long time some of the earnest thoughts he has stirred in the peculiar manner.  Although we should not be willing to follow Mr. Emerson as a guide, we must yet pronounce him to be a man of remarkable genius, and the opportunity of hearing him is one that should not be missed.

To-night Mr. Emerson lectures on “Clubs or Societies for Conversation.”  It is not often our citizens have an opportunity of hearing one of the remarkable men of the day, and as this will be his last lecture in our city, we strongly advise our readers to avail themselves of the intellectual treat afforded.