Montreal Daily Star, 29 September 1894, page 3

 Mr. Pinkert is the inventor of an aquatic machine of the tricycle nature as shown in the illustrations on this page.  The machine consists of three hollow wheels, air tight, with paddles fixed upon their exteriors.  The wheels might be called magnified rubber tires.  The wheels are worked by crank pedals after the manner of the bicycle.  On this curious contrivance the inventor attempted last month to cross the English Channel, from Cape Grisnez, France, to Folkestone, England.  The distance across is only about twenty-five miles; but it is difficult for navigation by small craft.  A calm day was chosen, when Mr. Pinkert rolled his queer vehicle down to the shore to the water’s edge, and then with the assistance of a man to push he worked out through the breakers and headed for old England.  It was pretty slow work, but the inventor bravely continued his exertions.  After many hours of labor and when half way across, the tide turned and Mr. Pinkert became satisfied he would be carried away from land; so he hailed a passing vessel and was taken on board.  He will probably make further experiments.