Montreal Daily Star, 13 January 1894, page 8

The new Laval University Buildings being erected on St Denis Street

The final steps have been taken to secure a home for the law and medical faculties of Laval University in this city.  The contracts for the building, a sketch of which is here given, have been awarded, and the foundation of the structure being laid, work is to be pushed forward.  The site of the building is on St Denis Street, near St Catherine Street, and is the gift of the Seminary, who also gave a valuable monetary donation, the whole being in the vicinity of $200, 000.  The building is estimated to cost $150,000.  It will be of the Renaissance style of architecture, the architects being Messrs Perrault, Mesnard and Venne.  It is to be of cut Montreal lime stone.  The basement will be occupied as reading, lecture and recreation halls.  The apartments of the rector will be given here for the Law faculty.  The second story will be occupied by the Medical Faculty.  On the third floor are to be the museums and the hall for promotions.  The fourth story is also taken up with this hall and galleries.  It will seat 1500 people.  The building, it is said, will be an imposing one, but is regarded merely as a temporary home for Laval.  The former plans for the building on the corner of Sherbrooke and St Denis street had been estimated at $2, 000, 000.