Montreal Daily Star, 30 October 1893, page 6


A Gilt Edge

Hallowe’en Soap Song

(all rights reserved.  Copyists prosecuted)

Hurrah for the Hallowe’en stories—

The gathering of Caledon’s Clans.

Hurrah for Gilt Edge and its glories,

Its help to the housekeeper’s plans.

She can do up the washing on Monday

With Strachan’s Gilt Edge Soap, if you please.

Rain or shine, ‘tis the work of but one day,

Hallowe’en she can keep at her ease.

You may all rant and  rave about heather,

And fire your hot shot off point blank,

But a soap that will suit each day’s weather,

Is the soap that deserves highest rank.

It’s the palest and cleanest on record,

It carries out every pledge.

As a cleanser of clothes it’s the keenest,

The popular Strachan’s Gilt Edge.