Montreal Gazette, 22 April 1864, page 4

Who Killed the Grits?

Who kill’d the Grits?

“I” says John A,

“Say what you may,

I killed the Grits.”

Who saw them die?

“I, I and I,”

Fifty MPs did cry,

“I saw them die.”

Who’ll pack their clothes?

“I” says Lord Monck,

“In the people’s Grand Trunk

I’ll pack their clothes.”

Who’ll dig their grave?

“I” says old Tache,

“Very deep, pour les cacher,

I’ll dig their grave.”

Who’ll be the sexton?

“I” says Jacques Cartier,

“Ah, Oui! Tres volontiers!

I’ll be the sexton.”

Who’ll be chief mourner?

“I,” says George Brown,

“For I am quite broken down,

“I’ll be chief mourner.”

Who’ll be the parson?

“I,” says McGee,

“Leave that to me,

I’ll be the parson.”

Who’ll sing the dirge?

“I,” says Mick Foley,

“For chang’d am I wholly,

I’ll sing the dirge.”

Who’ll play the organ?

“I,” cried the voices unnumber’d,

But o’er all Beaty’s thundered:

“I’ll play the organ.”

Who’ll pay the bill?

“I,” says A Galt,

“For I’m ne’er in default,

I’ll pay the bill.”