Montreal Daily Star, 26 January 1894, page 4

 Burns’ Anniversary

Celebration by the Caledonian Society yesterday evening

The Caledonian Society celebrated the Burns’ anniversary in the Balmoral Hotel yesterday evening.  The president of the Society, Mr. Jas Harper, occupied the chair.  The Rev Dr Barclay in the course of an eloquent address on Burns, referred to the loyalty with which Scotchmen throughout the world celebrated the memory of the immortal poet.  There was not other event, he said, which was more dear to the hearts of Scotchmen and Scotchwomen than the celebration of the birth of their own poet.  This he held to be a sufficient answer to those who tried to criticize adversely the character of Burns.  After making apt quotations from the poet’s works, revealing the nobility and the inspiration which animated the soul of him whom they yearly delighted to honor, the speaker said that some people called the Scottish people “clannish” for their enthusiasm and admiration of their poet, but, to his mind, it was nothing more or nothing less that patriotism.  (Applause)

Mr. Robert Mackay and Lieut-Colonel Strathy also delivered short addresses, and the programme of music and dance for the evening was vigorously begun.  Mr. Bain sang “Scots wha hae” and Mrs. Chambers, “Mary Morrison,” “Ye banks and braes” and “Ca’ the eaves to the knowes” and Mrs. Flint “My love is like a red, red rose.”  Mr. Cathcart Wallace’s performance on the violin was exquisite, and he had to respond to several encores.  Mr. Robert Reid gave a capital recitation.  Miss Stephens acted as accompanist.  Mr. Angus Macrae and Pipe Major Matheson were responsible for pipe music, and they discharged their duties well.

Dancing followed, and at an early hour this morning the singing of “Auld lang syne” brought the first anniversary under the auspices of the Society to a close. 

During the evening a telegram was sent to His Excellency the Governor-General and the following reply received:

“And ye whom social pleasure charms,

Whose heart the tide of kindness warms

Accept my thanks