Montreal Daily Star, 13 August 1894, page 2

Hibernians at Clarke’s Island

The members and friends of the Ancient Order of Hibernians held their first annual Irish national games on Saturday at Clarke’s Island.  There were over eight hundred present.  The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  The games were entered into with vim and resulted as follows:

75 yards, girl’s race- 1. Bertie Dunn; 2. Lillie O’Neal; 3. Mary Gleason

100 yards, boy’s race- 1. S Rochford 2. P O’Callaghan 3. F Dunn

100 yards, young ladies’ race- M. McKeown, 2. M Fynam, 3. M McEvoy

Throwing 56 lb weight- 1. A Duffy, 2. E Cullen  3. J McHugh

Putting 16 lb shot- 1 J McHugh 2. H Tracey 3. P Lague

Running hop, step and jump- 1. J McHugh, 2. T Canniff, 3. RJ Doyle

Half mile race for members- 1 J Sovay 2. T Ryders 3. T Connelly

Half mile race for amateurs- 1. A Singer, 2. JW Gilmore 3. T Slatter

Quarter mile race for CYM Societies- 1. J Kearns 2. J Murphy 3. RJ Doyle

Running broad jump- J McHugh 2. W Smith, 3. RJ Doyle

Potato race- 1 J Kearns, 2. J Sovay, 3. W Smith

Fat men’s race, 200 lbs and over- 1. H Tracey, 2. B Tucker, 3. A Duffy

Running broad jump for members- 1 P Doyle, 2. T Connell, 3. E Cullen

75 yards married ladies’ race, wives of members- 1. Mrs. Oliver, 2. Mrs. McDermott, 3. Mrs. Mooney

One mile race- 1. J Hughes, 2. J Grant, 3. S McKeown

250 yards hurdle race- 1. J Murphy, 2. W Smith

High jump- 1. R Doyle, 2. T Canniff, 3. W Smith

250 yards open to officers of the Order- 1 H Kearns, 2. F Mooney, 3. T Brennan, 4. WJ Burke

Irish Jig- 1. T Sullivan, 2. – Hayes, 3. Pearson.

Hurling Match- won by Capt P Tucker’s team

The judges were Alderman MF Nolan, Messrs B Feeney, R Keys, and A Dunn, and the prizes will be distributed on Monday evening, August 20, at Hibernian Hall, 2042 Notre Dame Street.

The committee of arrangements were: Mr. M Bermingham, as chairman, Messrs TN Smith, secretary, and Mr. WJ Burke, treasurer.  Mr. Patrick O’Brien, the Irish piper, played Irish jigs and reels.  The hurling match between teams picked by Captains Bermingham and Tucker was won by the latter’s team, scoring two games after playing about an hour.  Mr. P Scullion and Mr. Con Gleason acted as umpires.