Montreal Daily Star, 31 October 1893, page 2


The evening to be celebrated by several concerts

A very large audience is expected in the Windsor Hall to-night at the thirty-eighth concert  of the Montreal Caledonian Society.  His Excellency the Governor-General and the Countess of Aberdeen have signified their intention of being present.

Hallowe’en is the evening preceding Hallow-day, or All Saints’ Day, which is celebrated in honor of the conversion in the seventh century of the Pantheon at Rome into a Christian place of worship.  Pope Boniface IV dedicated this day to the Virgin and all other martyrs.

No other day in the year has so many strange customs attached to it.  It is the great holiday for witches, devils and fairies, and high carnival do they hold.

The birthplace and home of the weird Hallowe’en festivities are North England and Scotland.  Nuts and apples are consumed in enormous quantities.  In the North of England it is sometimes called “nut crack night.”