Edmund Kean

Montreal Gazette, 17 August 1865, page 2

Theatre Royal

The Keans- Another large, intelligent and fashionable audience graced the Theatre Royal last night, to witness Mr. and Mrs. Kean in Shakespeare’s sublime creation of Hamlet.  Mr. Kean’s renditure of the celebrated soliloquies “Oh! That this too solid flesh would melt;” and “To be or not to be,” were magnificent efforts, and called forth the warmest applause of the audience; the Queen Gertrude of Mrs. Lean was throughout a splendid piece of acting. Mr. and Mrs. Kean were admirably supported by Mr. Cathcart, Mr. Everette, Miss Chapman, Mr. Barton Hill, Mr. McCullough and Mr. Vining Bowers; who, together, constituted a combination of dramatic talent unparalleled.  To-night Mr. and Mrs. Kean appear in the play of “Much ado about nothing;” being the only time during their engagement they will have an opportunity of appearing in Shakespearean comedy.  They will be aided by Miss Champan, and Messrs Cathcart, Everett, Hill, McCullough and the excellent stock company.