Montreal Gazette, 18 August 1865, page 2

The Caledonian Society

Yesterday the Tenth Grand Annual gathering of this society took place at the Victoria Gardens, and came off with all the éclat which it deserved as one of the most spirited pic-nics of the season.  The day was all that could have been desired and neither pains, trouble nor expense seems to have been spared by the managers in order to command success.  The proceedings may be said to have commenced at the early hour of 10:30 with a game of quoits.  In the afternoon the rest of the games were proceeded with about 1 o’clock.  The fine band of the 69th Rifles was present, as well as the pipers of the 25th Regiment, while in the shed usually appreciated to dancing, Renaud’s Quadrille Band presided with their accustomed untiring energy and skill, which were largely drawn upon during the afternoon.  The list of games was both long and varied, and as might have been supposed.

“Tossing the caber, throwing the hammer, the sword dance and Highland fling were not forgotten.  The prize for Ghillie Callum or the Sword Dance, as will be seen from the list, was taken by a seaman of the ‘Styx’ named Donnelly; the blue jackets indeed were well represented and added to the picturesqueness of the scene.

The men of the Royal Artillery also contributed much to the attractions of the afternoon and “Tilting at the Ring, Mounted Independent Sword Practice, and other military games elicited their never failing interest.  The precarious chances of the competitors in the sack races, excited the usual amount of gratification, which is so often secretly felt, if not so frankly expressed in other people’s misfortunes.  In conclusion, we may state that during the afternoon the gardens were thronged with pleasure seekers, and that the result could not be but highly favourable to the funds of the society.

For further particulars, we must refer our readers to the list of games in which Major Fletcher, David Mair and John Boyd, Esqrs., consented to act as judges.

Names of Winners

Drafts- 1st Prize Mr. Gates; 2nd do, Mr. Murdoch.

Quoits- Mr. Renshaw, 1st Prize, Mr. Schofield, 2nd do.

Pole leap- 1st prize, Mr. Brazeau, 9 ft 4 in; 2nd do, Mr. Moffat, 8 ft 10 in.

Quarter mile race- 1st prize, Mr. Ackerly, 25th Regiment, 2nd do, Mr. Coleir, 60th Rifles

Tossing the Caber- 1st prize, Mr. Brazeau, 4- ft, 2nd do, Mr. Smith, 38 ft.

Running High leap- 1st prize, Mr. Brazeau, 5 ft 8 in; 2nd do, Mr. Moffat, 5 ft 2 in.

Sword Dance- 1st prize, Mr. Donnelly of the Styx; 2nd do, Piper Stuart of the 25th.

1 Mile race- 1st prize, Mr. Fitzgerald; 2nd do, Mr. Delamir.

Tilting at the ring- 1st Prize, Sergeant Wright; 2nd do, Sergeant Munton.

Putting the Heavy Stone- 1st prize, Mr. Brazeau, 29 feet; 2nd do, Mr. Brolin, 28 ft 4 in.

Putting the Light Stone- 1st prize, Mr. Brazeau, 33 ft 10 in; 2nd do, Mr. Brolin, 33 ft.

Sack Race- 1st Prize, Mr. Walker; 2nd do, Mr. Ingrass.

Mounted Independent Sword Practice- 1st prize, Sergeant Major Whinton; 2nd do, Mr. Jenner.

Boys Hurdle sack race- 1st prize, J Jackson; 2nd do, Crofo; 3rd do, T Jackson.

Hurdle race, in three heats- 1st prize, Mr. Bachman, 2nd do Mr. Stephen

Running Long leap- 1st prize, Mr. Fagan, 16 ft 9 in; second do, Mr. Brazeau, 16 ft 7 in.

Highland Fling- 1st prize Mr. Laird

Challenge Race- there being no competition, it was won by Mr. Johnston.

Boys race- 1st prize, Mr. Crofo; 2nd do, Mr. Bratt; 3rd do, Mr. Grane

Barrel race- This was a new thing, which created a good deal of amusement.  1st prize, Mr. Crofo, end Mr. Cliff.