Montreal Gazette, 21 April 1864, page 2

Shakespeare Medal

Yesterday a meeting of the subscribers to the Shakespeare Medal was held at the Board of Arts Room, Mechanic’s Hall.  Mr. WHA Davies was called to the chair, and Mr. TD King acted as secretary.

Mr. King announced he had obtained 150 subscribers of $10 each, besides some twenty subscribers of smaller amounts.

Prof. Cornish moved, seconded by A Wilson, Esq., a vote of thanks to Mr. King for his energetic exertions to obtain the number of subscribers necessary to carry out the proposition, originally Mr. King’s own, of endowing a Shakespeare Medal.

It was then moved and resolved, that a committee should be appointed to make the necessary arrangements for the presentation of the medal and to have the deed of gift prepared, the said committee to be composed of Messrs Wm Workman, WH Davies, A Wilson, Prof Cornish, TK Ramsay and TD King.

It was also resolved that the deed of gift should set forth the object and occasion of the donation, the manner in which the funds collected should be distributed: (1st, for the sinking of the dies; 2nd for the procuring of a bronze copy of the medal for each subscription of $10; and 3rd, for the investment of the balance in Government securities to produce the revenue required  for the annual gold medal); the terms upon which the medal should be given, and the disposition of the proceeds of the invested funds in any year in which no student should gain the medal.  In that case the income of the endowment, for such year, shall be expended by the Board of Governors for McGill College in prizes for proficiency in English literature, or be otherwise disposed of for the promotion of the cultivation of the said University departments, subject to such regulations the Corporations may from time to time appoint.  It was also resolved that the deed should specially stipulate that no other copies of the medal should ever be struck, except the original copies for subscribers and the small annual gold medal.

The successful competitor must pass an examination in an Honour Course, comprising the works of Shakespeare and the literature of England from his time to the time of Addison inclusive, and such other accessory subjects as the Corporation may from time to time appoint.

That the general design of the medal is to be on the obverse, the head of Shakespeare: on the reverse an English inscription indicating the objects of the Donors and the occasion of the donation.

Immediately after the general meeting the committee proceeded to make arrangements for performing the duties assigned to it; and it is intended that the presentation shall take place on the 23rd, at an hour which will be notified to subscribers.