Montreal Daily Star, 18 June 1892, page 10

To-Morrow’s Processions

The Fete Dieu and the Oddfellows may cross each other’s path

An interview between Cure Sentenne, Rev. Canon Mills and Chief Hughes

Both parties anxious to make room on the streets, for each other.

Two Sundays ago, the Rev Canon Mills, of Trinity Church, was to have preached the jubilee sermon to the Montreal Oddfellows.  The weather however, was so disagreeable, that the delivery of the sermon was put off until to-morrow, which is also the way of the Fete Dieu procession.  Rumors reached the ears of the Rev Canon Mills that the idea had gone abroad that the Oddfellows were nothing more nor less than Orangemen, and that as there was a possibility of the Oddfellows procession encountering the Fete Dieu, Canon Mills thought it advisable to see Rev Cure Sentenne in order, if possible, to prevent the two processions from meeting.  Canon Mills speaks in warm terms of his reception by the venerable cure.  The latter promised to do what he could in order that there would not be the slightest suggestion of trouble, and also said if it were possible, he would have the route of the Fete Dieu procession altered.  He fully appreciated Canon Mills action in the matter and expressed the opinion that there would be no trouble whatsoever.  Canon Mills, on behalf of the Oddfellows, said that that body was perfectly willing to go by side streets to the church and enter the building by a back door.  Neither the Cure nor Chief Hughes would hear of such a thing, insisting on the right of the Oddfellows


Canon Mills said to-day that both parties were most anxious to avoid any trouble or bad feeling.  Since seeing Cure Sentenne, he had received a letter from him regretting that owing to the arrangements for the Fete Dieu procession having been completed previous to the interview, it was impossible to change the route at this date.  He, however, promised to delay the procession for a short time at the corner of St Catherine and St Denis street, in order, if possible to allow the Oddfellows to enter Trinity Church, at the corner of Dubord and St Denis streets before the procession passed that way.

Canon Mills also saw Chief Hughes and is delighted with the result of his interview.  In case the two processions should meet, the Chief will have one-half of the roadway kept clear from Craig street to Trinity Church , by which the Oddfellows will be enable to pass.  A large posse of policemen will keep the road clear and also the doors leading to the church.  It is also said that the Cure Setenne will ask the priests in the procession to order perfect quiet when passing Trinity Church.

There will be over 1000 Oddfellows in the procession representing twenty-four city lodges.  It will be on e of the biggest Oddfellows parade ever seen in Montreal.  The Oddfellows have very thoughtfully altered the original route of the procession.  They will now make a detour in order if possible not to come into contact with the other procession.  The route will be from their hall at the corner of Craig and Bleury streets along Craig, down McGill, along St Paul, up St Gabriel to Craig and thence to the church.


Rev. Cure Sentenne on being seen at the Seminary this morning with reference to the matter stated that the Rev Canon Mills had called upon him on Tuesday evening as he was hastening to catch the boat for Quebec, whither he had been deputed to go to arrange with the ministers some matters relative to the taxation of the Seminary’s property.  In the course of a hurried interview, the Rev Canon Mills explained the situation, and Father Sentenne, upon his return from Quebec on Thursday morning sent a message to the Rev Canon stating that the route of the Fete Dieu procession had been arranged some weeks ago, and it was now too late to make any change, as the people who had been making preparations in anticipation, would be disappointed and their trouble be all for naught.  It was true that an alteration had been made from St Hubert to St Denis street, but that had been made at the request of the Rev Cure of St James Church, and had been made over a week ago.  Rev Canon Mills replied to Rev Cure Sentenne’s letter, expressing his sense of the courteous manner in which he has been treated, and his recognition of the fact that it was too late to change the route.