Long view of front of Corley monument. Biggest in the cemetery!!

Here is the monument to my great great grandfather Patrick Corley, who is buried in the older part of Kilconduff Cemetery in Swinford, Ireland.  It is a large plot and there are only two headstones, one to Patrick, and one to his daughter Annie.  There are probably a lot more relatives under all that masonry, but there are no records to say one way or the other.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy

On the soul of

Patrick Corley

Of Swinford

Who died the 26th November 1875

Aged 60 years

May he rest in peace

Erected by his fond wife and

Family as a last sad

Tribute of affection

To the Memory of

Annie O’Dowd

The beloved wife of

Patrick O’Dowd

And daughter of

Patrick Corley, Esq.

Of Swinford

Died 31 July 1866

Aged 20 years

She was a fond wife and an

Affectionate daughter

Erected to her memory by her

Husband Patrick O’Dowd of Swinford.

Patrick Corley's monument, Swinford.
Anna Corley's monument in front of that of her father's, Swinford.