Montreal Daily Star, 23 April 1892, page 2

Etiquette Department.

Kindly answer the following: 1.  Is it out of the way to have salad sandwiches or ices at five o’clock tea?  2.  For the decoration of the centre of a table which is best, a pretty square of some colour or something more in the scarf line, and what kind of plant, when only one is used?  Beginner.

Ans- 1.  Ices may be served with the usual refreshments of tea, coffee, chocolate, light cakes, thin bread and butter, but salad and sandwiches are never seen at afternoon tea.  2.  The square style has had its day and is seldom, if ever, seen.  Dainty scarfs [sic] of lace and satin are much used for the decoration of dinner tables, also some made of bolting cloth, with hand-painted vines and sprays.  Ferns are always in favor, and nothing has a prettier or more pleasing effect than when they are seen really growing in a pretty jardinière placed in the centre of the table.