Montreal Daily Star, 23 January 1892, page 2

 Etiquette department

 Kindly tell me which is the proper finger for the lady to wear the engagement ring on, and oblige, Know Nothing.

Ans- The engagement ring is, always worn on the third finger of the left had.

 Of the following which is the correct way for a lady to act: 1.  Should she tell a gentleman what evenings she will be at home?  Or, 2.  wait until he asks permission to call?  L and H

Ans-  1. It is quite permissible for her to mention that she is at home on special evenings to receive her friends, both ladies and gentlemen without going a formal invitation.  2.  When the gentleman is aware of this he will probably ask to be allowed to call on her at that time.

What is the correct thing to do in this case: 1.  When a lady opens her own door to a gentleman visitor, ought she to precede him into the house or allow him to take precedence?  2.  What should a lady say when a gentleman thanks her for a dance just completed?  Please answer and oblige.  M

Ans- 1.  She should go first and request him to follow, or, if space allows, they can go in together.  2.  It is not necessary for her to say anything.  She can acknowledge his thanks by a polite bow.  If she wishes to do more she may say that she, also, has had a pleasant dance. 

By answering the following you will greatly oblige a reader of your column.  1.  Is it not ungentlemanly of a young man to keep a lady’s photo against her will, he having obtained it by stratagem?  2.  What are the best means of recovering it, as asking has no effect?  REL

Ans-  1.  Yes, extremely so, and shows great want of good manners as well as nice feeling with regard to such a personal matter, more especially as the photograph is in his possession through such unwarrantable means.  2.  When a gentleman shows himself so uncivil as to ignore the request made by a lady, we are of the opinion that she would show proper pride in showing her opinion f his conduct by discontinuing his further acquaintance.  This may bring him to a sense of the impropriety of his conduct and what is right and due to her, in returning her photograph with suitable apologies for its detention.