Montreal Daily Star, 25 January 1893, page 2 

Burns Anniversary Celebration

The Caledonian Society will on Thursday night celebrate the birthday of Scotland’s great poet by a banquet.  It will be held in St Andrew’s Home on Aqueduct street.  The arrangements made guarantee a profitable evening to those who will be present.  The President, Mr. JM Campbell, will occupy the chair and say a few words appropriate to the occasion.  There will be a few toasts and a short address by the Rev. J Edgar Hill, MA BD.  There will also be songs and recitations from the poet’s works.

A grand Scottish concert and ball will be given in the Fraser Hall on Wednesday evening, the 25th inst., under the auspices of Clan Gordon, No. 71, Order of Scottish Clans.  The committee have arranged a good programme of Burns Scottish songs, readings and recitations.  Miss Stephens will preside at the piano.

Robert Burns

(January 25)

To-night auld Canadian snows,

In lordly hall and cottage home,

Where e’er the blood of Scotchmen flows,

One name upon the lips grows sweet-

More rich than wine from purple urns,

With thrill electric, flashing fleet,

The name of Robert Burns.

Young hearts thro’ al the golden years,

Proclaim the magic of his wand

And aged eyes are wet with tears

With music from his loving hand;

He is not dead- he cannot die-

A king of men, he will return

And rule as ever with spirit high

The name of Robert Burns.

In clouds of glory, dash’d with rain,

With heavenly, bright gleams bound and furled

From his high c~~~~~~ of pain

He ~~~~ a song wreath round the world;

~~~~~ strength as he who mourns

Two ~~~~~~~~~~  It is well!