Montreal Gazette, 2 March 1863

The  Burns Scotch concert- We find the following in the Prescott Messenger, relative to Mr. AG Burns, who attended the annual celebration of the Grenville (CW) St Andrew’s Society:–

“Toast- The Ladies

“This brought up Mr. AG Burns, the celebrated Scotch vocalist, who responded by singing that highly humorous Scotch song “Green grow the rushes, O,” which was received with great applause.  Mr. Burns has left the St Andrew’s Society under a deep dept of kindness on that occasion.  He kept up in mirth, glee and harmless fun, first with his songs and then with his anecdotes.  Mr. Burns has few equals.  There were three songs in particular that he sung to perfection- even the great Mr. Templeton, could not have surpassed them.  They were “Scots wha hae w’ Wallace bled,” “The death of Nelson,” and “O, a’ the airts the wind can blaw.”

Mr. Burns gives a concert in the Mechanics Hall this (Monday) evening.  We have read the criticisms passed upon the performances of Mr. Burns by our confreres of the press in the United States, where he has sung very successfully and before crowded audiences.  We are satisfied that the public will enjoy a rich treat and that Scotchmen, especially, will be delighted at the mementoes he will produce of their native land.  He is to be assisted, as will be seen by Mr. David Miller, and Professor Agnew- two other Scotch names- and the programme altogether is most attractive.  The Highland pipers of the Scots Fusilliers are also to be present, and if all this be not inducement sufficient to draw a crowded house, what more can be offered?