Here is Margaret Cuddy and Mary H Hicks’ parents monument at Notre Dame des Neiges, Montreal. It is in an older section of the cemetery.


Eternal Rest Give Unto Them O Lord In Memory of John Patrick Cuddy Born at Swinford Ireland 15 April 1830 Died at Montreal 12th January 1896 And his wife Jane O’Sullivan Born at Killarney, Ireland, died 12th October 1909 in her 85th year John P Cuddy

Right Side

Francis Edward Cuddy born 28 Jan 1865 died 2 September 1869 Nora Catherine Cuddy born October 2nd 1855, died February 17, 1939 John P Cuddy born May 28, 1860 Died June 29, 1944 Teresa V Cuddy, born Feb 21, 1870 Died March 5, 1953


James Thomas Cuddy Born 13 June 1862 Died 15 May 1933 John Michael Cuddy Born 1st May 1878 Died 13th Feb 1927

Left Side

Sarsfield LE Cuddy Born 26th March 1868 Died 25th October 1941 His Wife Estelle C McKenna Born 15th Oct 1886 Died 29th Oct 1959 Mary Patricia Cuddy Born 26 Jan 1918 Died 19 Feb 1919 Mary Lorraine Cuddy Born 24 May 1911 Died

Cuddy Monument, Montreal

16 Jan 1988

Cuddy monument, Montreal, close up