The Corley plot  is at Notre Dame des Neiges in Montreal.  The plot stands near the Monument des Patriotes, and is only a stone’s throw from the plots of Margaret Cuddy’s sister’s family, and her aunt’s family.  Their monuments are quite large.  The Corley headstone is quite modest in comparison.  It lies flat on the ground and lists in lead filled grooves the names of Margaret and her husband Timothy.  This is deceptive, as there are actually eleven interred there. 

The side monument for Hugh James Leitch was placed there by his wife, Irene.  His son said that it was erected because he was a Leitch, and not covered by the family head stone. 


TA Corley

Native of Swinford Ireland


His Wife

Margaret Cuddy

1858- 1952


Interred there:

Anna Magnusdottir Corley

Gwendolyn Corley Conmee

Hugh Corley Leitch

Hugh James Leitch

Irene Virginia Corley Leitch

James Kevin Corley

Margaret Anna Corley

Margaret Corley Conmee

Margaret Cuddy Corley

Sheila Paulin Leitch

Timothy Anthony Corley