Montreal Daily Star, 31 October 1891, page 4


Would it be proper for two young ladies to go to the Academy of Music in the evening with two young gentlemen who are no relation to them, but with whom they have been acquainted for a number of years?  By answering this you will greatly oblige.  Lilian.

Ans-  It would be quite correct for them to do so.  A pleasant quartette of old acquaintances is quite allowable under such circumstances as at a musical entertainment.

Will you inform me as to the following: Having occasion to see a lady home, who has been dining at our house, to the hotel where she is staying, should I have gone up in the elevator with her to her own room door, or left her at the hall door?  Philip.

Ans- You should have acted in the same way as when seeing her home to her own house.  There you would have left her at her door.  Being at the hotel, the door of her own room there corresponded to this, so your correct course was to accompany her in the elevator and see her to this particular room.

How should cheese be eaten?  One lady says with the fingers, another with a fork, or on the point of a knife.  2.  Should melon be eaten with a spoon?  ME

Ans- 1. Opinions differ with regard to the respective merits of “fingers and fork”, but the latter is certainly the most commendable form when ladies do eat cheese; they are not supposed to do so except at a family lunch or supper.  A knife must never be used.  2.  this is the only convenient way in which it can be eaten, the sharp prongs of a fork would destroy the delicate flesh and flavor of the fruit, besides causing inconvenience to the person eating it.