Montreal Daily Star, 31 October 1891, page 9

Why men don’t marry

It is a favorite excuse with non-marrying men, says Annie S Swan, that they cannot ask girls reared in luxury to share a moderate income, which would entail a certain sacrifice on their part. At first sight this appears a very manly and unselfish excuse, but when we come to analyze it we find that it is capable of two readings; and that there is behind it also a selfish reluctance to share what appears little more than sufficient for the proper maintenance of one. They say, too, that the girl of the present day won’t do it; that she marries the fine establishment and the position, without taking much account of the accompanying man; but while I admit that some instances justify this objection being raised, I cannot allow such a wholesale libel on my sex. Given love, without which marriage is a failure, the majority of women would willingly sacrifice something and find happiness in the humbler home her presence glorifies. Is not sacrifice Love’s Crown? I am thinking at this moment, as is perhaps natural, of a young pair, who some years ago braved the dismal prognostications of certain wise acres, and ventured on the sea of matrimony with very little wealth besides true hearts, good health and willing hands, and who, having survived the ordeal, find life to-day fuller and sweeter than most. These years have held a great deal of hard work, of deep anxiety, and not a few cares; but faith and love failed not, and with these two weapons the hardest battle was won.