Montreal Gazette, 24 April 1861, page 3

St. George’s Day- Englishmen and their descendants met at “Dolly’s” at an early hour yesterday, and marshalling in procession, proceeded to the Anglican Cathedral to hear a service and sermon appropriate to the day.  Prince’s Band led the way, then came the Rose Society, Englishmen unconnected with any national associations, and then the St George Society.

The Reverend Mr Bond, one of the Society’s Chaplains, preached the sermon which was on the text of Deuteronomy, 4th Chap., 7th to 9th verse inclusive:- “For what nation is there so great, who hat God so night unto them, as the Lord our God is in all things, we call upon him for,” &c.  The Rev. gentleman’s theme was England’s greatness and its association with the spread of the Gospel by her influence and power, and was treated in an eloquent and able manner.  Mr Carter, the new organist, performed on the organ, and as the procession entered the church, played Handel’s Coronation Anthem.  In addition to the usual morning service, the choir sung the Hallelujah Chorus from the Messiah.  During the collection Mr Carter played Home, Sweet Home, and at the close of the service the National Anthem.

After the service, the procession re-formed, and marched through the principal streets of the city to “Dolly’s” where “God Save the Queen” having been performed, Mr Lewis, the President of the St George’s Society, called for three cheers for Her Majesty, and the procession shortly afterwards dispersed.

In the evening private dinner parties, redolent with the fume of the national dishes, were given at Compain & Gianelli’s and Mrs Balchin’s.  They were both well attended.  We shall endeavor to publish the sermon at an early day.