Montreal Gazette, 22 August 1861, page 3

Guibault’s Garden

Wonderful attraction

The World’s Wonder, the


All of pure African blood, yet as white as snow.

With long white hair and Pink eye,

The most singular freak of nature ever exhibited in the world

This family have been engaged by Mr. Guibault’s at enormous expense and by the permission of PT Barnum of the American Museum, of the city of New York, will be exhibited for a few days.  The public can rely upon this being the ONLY ORIGINAL ALBINO FAMILY in the United States and Canada, consisting of PARENTS and CHILDREN, perfectly conversant with the French and English languages.

Will Exhibit at

Guilbault’s Garden

Commencing on Saturday, 17th Aug.

Together with

The celebrated collection of the Garden

Admission 25 cents.

Doors open ~~~ Ten O’clock, AM until 9 o’clock PM.