Montreal Daily Star, 14 January 1891, page 2


As a foreigner and stranger to the manners of this country, would you kindly tell me through the Etiquette column, if it is customary, in your opinion, of an unmarried middle-aged lady, who allows a gentleman, many years her junior, to kiss her, when he has no better way of passing his leisure time, and they not engaged; more especially as she has every right to know that he is already engaged to be married to another young lady, said young lady allowing her intended to pass his time as he pleases when, absent from her, as they understand each other fully and he conceals nothing from her.  A reply will greatly oblige.

A Fraulein.

Ans.  Such conduct as that to which you refer is not only extremely unladylike, but verges on what may be termed great impropriety.  It would not be tolerated by those who mix in the society of well-bred and refined ladies.  It is a matter of surprise and regret that anybody, especially one of mature years who ought to know better, should so far forget her dignity and compromise her self-respect, and that which, as a rule, a lady hopes to receive from others.  Behaviour of this kind is not customary in this country with “ladies” who are such in the true sense of the word.  We are sorry that our questioner, who is, as she says “a foreigner and a stranger to the manners of the country,” should have had the misfortune of meeting such a misleading representative of the sex.  We trust that before long she may have the opportunity of being with others of a different and ~~~ ~~~~ who may do away with her first very unfavourable and ~~~ impression.