Montreal Gazette, 13 August 1861, page 2

Caledonian Society

[from the Montreal Transcript]

The sixth Grand Annual Gathering of the above society took place accordingly to advertisement on Saturday, at Guibault’s Gardens. 

The weather during the earlier portion of the proceedings was very fine, but the very heavy storm of rain and hail which occurred in the middle of the afternoon damped, in a double sense, the ~~~~~ and no doubt diminished to a great extent a number of visitors who would otherwise have been present on the occasion.  As it was, the several and sudden falls of rain frequently dispersed both those engaged in the sports and the spectators, causing repetitions on a small scale of the celebrated fight at Bull Run.  However, about 4 o’clock the clouds dispersed and the intermitted sports recommenced in earnest.

We give underneath a list of them, and also of the successful competitors and we would take occasion to pay a tribute of praise to the great skill and strength exhibited by the brothers McLennan from Glengarry, the one 18 and the other 23 years, and both of them men of unusual size and muscle.  Their prowess will be best seen on a reference to the list.  Amongst those who distinguished themselves for speed and agility, stand the brothers McCabe and a young man of the name of Cameron.  This last, as will be seen won the running long leap, and we may say with ease, for after having so done, he volunteered another, clearing his last distance by a foot.  Upon the whole, we may state that the contests were spirited, though not wide, and indeed, in the comparatively inundated state of the grounds during the afternoon and evening, none but enthusiasts in athletic events would have ~~~ of entering the gate ~~~~.

Mr. Jer~~~ as will be seen, was the winner in the throwing of the light hammer; but in attempting for the heavy one, he was so far in the rear of the usual distance made by the elder McLennan that after the first throw he retired from the event.  He has but one arm, but his throwing of the light hammer was not only successful but exceedingly masterly.  The least ~~~~ of Jas McCabe was most beautiful to behold, clearing the rope like an antelope, and seeming an almost perfect impersonation of the mystic figure of Mercury or ~~~~~.

We have not space for further comment, and subjoin the following list of

Games &c.