Montreal Gazette, 14 March 1862, page 2


We have been requested to publish the following address of condolence to our gracious Queen, with the letters accompanying it- a request which we have much pleasure in complying with.


(Translated from the German)


The German Benevolent Society of the city, representing the entire German population of Montreal, approaches your gracious Majesty with deep-felt sorrow, on account of the sad bereavement with which it has pleased Divine Providence to visit your Majesty.

When this Society was formed, we requested the much-lamented Prince Consort to become its patron and protector.

Throughout the vast dominions of the British Empire, the noble Albert was ever a model of public and domestic virtue to all your Majesty’s devoted subjects of German extraction.  The general respect and esteem in which the noble deceased- a German Prince- was held, was shared by his countrymen in all the British dominions.

This honour became their honour, and so has the mourning of the British people for the illustrious dead become their mourning; the general sorrow for your Majesty’s sad affliction, their sorrow.

May the God of love, in whose power it is to heal the wounds He has seen fit to cause, grant your Majesty’s strong heart, and the power to sustain this great calamity, and may your Majesty, happy yourself rule, for many and many a year, over your Majesty’s happy subjects.