Montreal Gazette, 22 August 1862, page 2

CALEDONIAN SOCIETY’S GRAND ANNUAL GATHERING- Yesterday afternoon this public pic nic came off in the Victoria Gardens, with great éclat.  As usual with the Caledonians, the arrangements were of the most admirable kind, and everything passed off in a highly creditable and satisfactory manner.  We believe upwards of 3000 persons were present, so that in point of attendance the “gathering” was also a great success.  The games were gone through with much spirit and the pipers and band of the SF Guards disbursed excellent music to the assembled thousands.  Liston’s fine quadrille band kept hundreds dancing during the afternoon, to its lovely site.  The following is a record of the games:

Quoits– 1st Place a silver quoit; 2nd $3.  Mr A Patterson, first; Mr A Brodie, second.

Throwing 14 lb hammer– 1st prize $4; 2d $2.  Thomas Dixon, Glengarry, 100 feet 4 inch, Mr. Mack 88 ft 8 inch.

Throwing 21 lb hammer- 1st prize $4, 2d $2.  Thos Dixon, 76 feet 2 inch; Mr. Mack 54 feet 7 inch.

Running high leap with pole– 1st $3, 2d $1.  Thos Fletcher, 8 feet 2 inch, Mr. McCavendish, 8 feet 10.

Two hundred yard race, open 1st $3. 2d $1.  Private Dolman, Gren. Guards, Jas McCabe.

Throwing the caber 1st silver medal; 2d $2.  Corporal Marr, SF Guards, 33 feet; Thos Dixon, 32.

One hundred and twenty yard race- 1st $3, 2d $1.  Corporal Bell, SF Guards; Jas McCabe, second.

Running High leap- 1st $3, 2d $1.  Jas McCabe 5 feet 2 inch; Private Thomas Somers, 16th regt- 5 feet 1 inch; Private Laird of the SF Guards won the silver medal, for the Ghillie Callum, a sword dance in full Highland Costume.  The winner’s movements were a marvel of grace and agility.  There was no competition.

Four hundred and forty yard race- 1st $4; 2d $3.  Private Bett, SF Guard, Jas McCabe, second.

Putting the heavy stone– 1st $3, 2nd $2.  T Dixon, 28 feet 4 inc; Peter Owen, SF Guard, 20 ft 10 inch.

Putting light stone- 1st $3, 2nd $2.  Mr. Mac 34 ft 9 in; Peter Owen, 34 ft.

Hurdle race (race round) over 3 feet hurdles– 1st $3, 2nd $2.  James McCabe; Patrick Briscoe.

Running long leap- 1st $3, 2nd $2.  Briscoe, 18 ft; Corporal Murray, SFG, 17 feet 9 inches.

Standing long leap- 1st $3, 2nd $2.  Private Somers, 11 ft 10 inch; T Dixon, 11 ft 9 inch.

Highland fling in costume for a silver medal– Private Chas Laird, No competitor.

Running hop step and leap– 1st $3, 2nd $1.  Jas McCabe, 40 ft 1 in; Peter Owen, 39 ft 4 in.

Best piper in Highland costume- 1st silver medal; 2nd $3.  John McKenzie, SFG; Geo Joly SFG.

Hurdle sack race– 150 yards- 1st $3, 2nd $2.  Wm Wark; Rollo Muir.

Conquering race, once round the course, open to winners of first and second prizes– 1st $5; 2nd $3.  Jas McCabe, Private Butt.

Sack Race- 1st $3, 2nd $2.  Wark first, and Muir second.

The games were hotly contested, and afforded much amusement.  There were a large number of soldiers present, who entered with friendly rivalry with their civilian friends during the day.