Montreal Gazette, 25 June 1862

Fete Dieu- Sunday being the Fete Dieu, the usual services for such occasions were held in the various Roman Catholic churches of the city.  From an early hour in the day the principal streets were decorated with evergreens, and flags were suspended from numerous windows on the route through which the procession was to pass.  Notwithstanding the threatening aspect of the weather, by ten o’clock a vast procession had been formed, which passed along Place d’Armes, Notre Dame and the other streets on the route, to the pealing of the French Church bells.  The procession was composed of the various lay and ecclesiastical brotherhoods, Sisters of Charity, National Societies and members of the different Roman Catholic congregations in this city.  As in former years, the Host was borne along under a gorgeous canopy, and flags and streamers were seen thickly scattered through the procession.  After proceeding to the Parish Church, and engaging in divine service, the multitude quietly dispersed.