Montreal Gazette, 26 May 1856, page 2

Queen’s Birthday- Saturday last, being the thirty-seventh anniversary of the birth of Her gracious Majesty, Queen Victoria, arrangements were made to celebrate it with becoming dignity.  When the morning dawned, however, the heavens were overcast, and threatened to mar the pleasures of the day.  About 9 o’clock, the peals of thunder and flashes of lightning, joined to the torrents of rain, gave to the heavens a grand appearance.  This state of things continued until about 10 o’clock, when the sky assumed a more cheerful aspect and the sum peeping through his tears looked more beautiful than usual.

At eleven o’clock the following volunteer companies appeared in uniform on the Champ-de-Mars—The Montreal Field Battery of Artillery, under the command of Major Coffin; the First Company of Volunteer Militia Cavalry, under command of Lieut-Colonel David, attended by his staff, the First Company of Volunteer Rifles, under the command of Theodore Lyman, the Second Company, under command of Capt John Fletcher.  These several companies went through their military evolutions in a soldierly and creditable manner, which surprised the spectators.  The Rifles discharged several rounds of musketry.  The walk along the Champ-de-Mars was crowded with visitors, among whom were a very large proportion of ladies.

At noon, the artillery fired a royal salute opposite the barracks.

Prince’s and Nunn’s Brass Bands were in attendance, and performed with their usual spirit.  “After drill these companies paraded the streets, which were gaily adorned with flags &c, for the occasion.