Montreal Gazette, 18 March 1857, page 2

St Patrick’s Day- Yesterday was St Patrick’s Day, and the sons of the Emerald Isle turned out in full force.  The members of the St Patrick’s Society, and those of the Temperance Association, assembled about 8 o’clock a the St Patrick’s Hall, Place d’Armes, accompanied by the Volunteer Rifle Companies under command of Captain Devlin and Hartley, and marched through Great St James, Bleury and Lagauchetiere streets to St Patrick’s Church, where High Mass was celebrated, and an appropriate discourse delivered by Father O’Brien from the following text:–

“When I forget thee, O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget her cunning.  If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth, if I prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy.” Ps 137, 5 & 6v.

A collection was then taken up in aid of the poor, after which the procession formed outside the Church in the following order:-

Prince’s Brass Band

Marshall on horseback

Rifle Company no. 4

Rifle Company no. 5

The independent Band

The Sunburst Banner of Ireland, supported on each side

Members of St Patrick’s Congregation who were not members of the Society

A banner, with two supporters

Members of the St Patrick’s Society, three deep

The Temperance Banner

The Temperance Association

Grand Harp Banner, with supporters

Marshall on horseback

Sarsfield Band

St Patrick’s Banner

Followed by the Office-Bearers of St Patrick’s Society

The following line of march was observed—Forming in Alexander Street, they proceeded by Craig, McGill and Notre Dame Streets to Jacques Cartier Square, and thence through Commissioner, McGill, Wellington and McCord Streets to St Ann’s Church; whence the procession returned to St Patrick’s Hall by St Joseph, McGill and Great St James Street and then dispersed about 2.30 pm.

In the evening the anniversary dinner was partaken of at O’Meara’s, where the best feeling prevailed.  We hope to be able to give some account of it in our next impression.

Love of country was evidently the order of the day, and we can congratulate our Irish brethren upon their national muster, which was one of the best they have ever had in this city.